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Group and Individual Benefit Options for Owner Operators!

Dixon Insurance - BFT Partnership Flyer.jpg

Guaranteed Issue Benefit Options Include

Short Term Disability

  • 60% of Your Gross Earning up to $4,000 in Monthly Income

  • Up to 12 Months Per Injury or Illness!

  • $6,500 Available with Underwriting 

 Accident Insurance 

  • ​24/7 Coverage on and off the job!

 Critical Illness Insurance 

  • ​Heart Attack, Stroke, Cancer, Renal Failure and Major Organ Transplant

  • Lump Sum Payments Up to 20,000 Guaranteed Issue and buy up to 75,000!

PPO Dental Insurance

Term Life up to $125,000

  • Up to 125,000 Guaranteed Issue

    • ​Guaranteed Issue Levels are Based on Age

Whole Life up to $50,000 

  • Guaranteed Issue up to $50,000!

  • ​Limitations Apply Based on Age

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